Saleh Rezaei

About Me

Saleh Rezaei

Software Engineer

  • Birthday: 30 April 1986
  • Cellphone: (+98) 9392701585
  • Degree: Bachelor of Software Engineering
  • Email:

My interest in computers started as a child and playing with Commodore 64. At the age of 10, I wrote small pieces of code in QBasic and became interested in programming. I studied software engineering at university. I have been working in the field of automation and banking industry for about eleven years, and at the same time, I have done personal or commercial website projects, and mobile applications. since 2020 I have decided to continue my work as a freelancer.


I have started my programming carrier by writing Windows applications in C#. Mostly wrote Back-End applications and in the recent years, I have also learned Front-End skills

SQL Server 90%
C# 95%
Angular 90%
HTML 100%
MongoDB 80%
NodeJS 90%
JavaScript 95%
CSS 70%



Work Experience


Aug 2009 - Jul 2015

Design and implementation of web based applications

  • Online Vehicle Pass Issuance System
  • Payame Noor University Statistics Portal
  • Bridge management and inspection system
  • Road accident reporting system

GSS Int.

Jul 2015 - Jul 2020

Design, implement, refactor and modify Windows based applications

  • Instant cheque book issuance software
  • Instant Card issuance software
  • Cheque book scanner software
  • Authentication system (Client-Side)


Jul 2020 - Apr 2022
  • Marham charity information registeration system.
  • Books Beyond Words web app backend for Beyond Words charity.
  • Collaboration in backend development of Yo. Understood. application.


Apr 2022 - Aug 2022
  • Backend developer in Kilid team

Roma Parvaz

Sep 2022 - Now
  • Designing data models
  • Designing and developing backend server for B2B flight reservation application
  • Designing and implementing microservices




(+98) 9392701585